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Victory’s Reiterer wraps up another crown

Chris Davies on 7th March 2019

Victory Team rider Kevin Reiterer assured himself of the overall title in the Ski Division GP1 class with one round still to go in the 2019 UAE International Aquabike Championship.

Reiterer’s two outright wins in the two motos held in the sixth and penultimate round on Mercato Beach, Jumeirah earlier this week ensured the Victory Team’s reigning world champion end with an unbeatable lead at the top of the standings.

Reiterer was uncatchable in both the motos to clinch maximum 50 points and continue leadership of the Ski Division GP1 table with 280 points, leaving former world champion Steven Dauliach in second with 228 points and Christopher John Wilkinson in third with 206.

Reiterer’s junior teammate and protégé Suhail Rashid Al Tayer gamely continued his chase for top honours against Kuwaiti challenger Faris Ibrahim Ramadhan in the Ski Junior GP3.2 class.

Ramadhan opened with a win in the first moto, but had to surrender to some last minute pushing from Rashid Salem Taher in the second. Al Tayer was his usual cool self taking two-second places in the two motos to remain within striking distance of Ramadhan.

The Kuwaiti is at the top of the standings with 267 points, while the junior driver from the Victory Team Marine Sports Academy is in second with 263 points and no one else in the field to challenge either of them with one last round remaining.

Reiterer said after:

It is a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment to have one more championship under my belt.

This was always the goal at the start of the season, and now, with one final round left the focus will be to ensure there are no further lapses.

When one completes a championship way in advance, one gets the rare opportunity to compete without pressure to perform. Not many get this chance and I am glad I will be going into the final round next weekend with this mindset.

It is also nice to see the development and growth of our juniors, especially Suhail who has given it everything to stay within striking distance of a second title for our Victory Team.

I am sure he will be ready to deliver next weekend and make himself and all of us proud.

The seventh and final round of the 2019 UAE International Aquabike Championship will be held at the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) on March 8.


Ski Division GP1

1. Kevin Reiterer (Austria) 280
2. Steven Dauliach (France) 228
3. Christopher John Wilkinson (UK) 206.

Ski Junior GP3.1

1. Ali Eisa Mohammed Al Ali (UAE) 285
2. Omar Eisa Ahmed Al Hammadi (UAE) 252

Ski Junior GP3.2

1. Faris Ibrahim Ramadhan (Kuwait) 267
2. Suhail Rashid Al Tayer (UAE) 263

Ski Junior GP3.3

1. Ahmed Eisa Ahmed Al Hammadi (UAE) 294
2. Shaheen Ibrahim Jawad Ramadhan (Kuwait) 266
3. Humaid Khalid Al Matroushi (UAE) 236

Runabout GP2

1. Salman Younis Abdul Waheed Al Awadhi (UAE) 282
2. Abu Baker Nasser Al Marri (UAE) 246
3. Sultan Eisa Al Hammadi (UAE) 193
4. Mohammad Kamal Mohammad Al Said (Egypt) 167
5. Manea Habib Al Marzouqi (166)

Runabout GP1

1. Mohammed Jassim Al Baz (Kuwait) 232
2. Mohammed Ibrahim Bu Rabei (Kuwait) 226
3. Yousuf Al Abdul Razzaq (Kuwait) 193
4. Shinji Kugizaki (Japan) 192

Runabout GP3

1. Amer Abdul Razzaq Hawair (UAE) 270
2. Abdullah Abdul Rehman Al Hammadi (UAE) 254
3. Salim Mohsin Al Yafi’ee (UAE) 223

Runabout GP4

1. Yousuf Bayan Yaqoob Al Khalfan (Kuwait) 244
2. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Kadhari (Kuwait) 224
3. Saud Yousuf Ahmed Al Khoury (UAE) 192

Ski Division GP2

1. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi (UAE) 276
2. Salem Ayman Al Mutawaa (Kuwait) 262
3. Sultan Eisa Al Hammadi (UAE) 216


1. Rashid Ali Saleh Al Mulla (UAE) 150
2. Abdul Jaleel Ali Al Awadhi (UAE) 106
3. Mohammad Ali Al Hameli (UAE) 84
4. Yassine Fadli (France) 76

Veterans GP2 – 2-stroke

1. Mohammed Mizher Saif Al Marri (UAE) 189
2. Huraiz Al Mur Bin Huraiz (UAE) 181
3. Eisa Mohammad Al Ali (UAE) 125

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