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Vintage Torque takes Cowes Poole Cowes win

John Moore on 26th August 2018

Frank Rose and Vee Ganjavian powered their FB Design hull, Vintage Torque to a Cowes Poole Cowes win this morning.

The start from Cowes – Photo: Nigel Barrett

The 41.80 NM race was shortened due to inclement weather with the boats only racing 2 laps to the far end of the Western Solent.

Robert Lister and Nick Crouch – Class 3X winners Photo: Malc Attrill

Robert Lister and Nick Crouch’s rough water specialist Forgecraft hull excelled in the lumpy Solent, they took second overall and won Class 3X in front of Graham Reeder and Martin Foster in Ananab racing.

Ananab Racing Photo: Malc Attrill

Reeder and Foster’s runners up points added to their win in Poole and 2nd in Falmouth, gave them the 2018 Class 3X UKOPRA Championship.

Third overall and the winner of Class 3N were Stewart Eyre and Lawrence Philp in their Phantom, Warlord.

Warlord Photo: Malc Attrill

The Beaver Returns came in 4th overall, Thomas and Brian Pelham sealed their UKOPRA championship with a second in Class 3N. 

John Guille’s return to racing gave him first place in Class 3 A/B driving the Phantom 19G that he won the 2014 UIM Class 3A World Championship with.


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