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Watergate Winter Warmer for Moku-Evolution 5

John Moore on 19th November 2016

Many have doubted the sanity of ThunderCat competitors, today at Watergate Bay it was proven that they are all mad!

With a freezing cold sea temperature of 12 degrees and a boiling Cornish surf, the hardy racers took the conditions in their stride and put on a bravado performance of skill and gritty determination.

The organisers who gave up a warm weekend at home by the fire, were simply outstanding, having to deal with the inclement conditions and put on a Powerboat Race.


OOD Danielle Strawford’s team have never been tested to the limits that they were today and they coped with smiles on their faces while braving the cold on the beach.

Darryn Harrison and James Ion had an amazing day in Moku-Evolution 5.

They proved to be unbeatable in the trecherous conditions.


Harrison told me after;

We first ran this new BobKat at Southsea and knew then it had potential for the surf – Today has not only proved that potential, we worked as a unit in the boat and emphasized its rough water capabilities.
All the hard work and development is really paying dividends now, just in time for the World Championships in my motherland of South Africa.

Ion in his first season commented;

This has been a steep learning curve racing with someone as experienced as Darryn, to get a race win after only starting in April is beyond my wildest expectations.

The Championship nail bitter between Microlink Ahmad Tea and Multispark Racing took another turn, to be decided in the Jury Room this evening.

Report to follow.

Photos: Mike Powell

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