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Werner’s workshop wiped out

John Moore on 23rd March 2018

Legendary German racer and engineer Michael Werner lost his entire workshop in an horrific inferno on Thursday.

60 years of racing history went up in flames together with all of Michael Werner’s customer’s equipment.

The UIM F2 Rupp Temper Racing team took the worst hit, with 2 hulls and equipment destroyed.

Not a single washer survived the fire.

Rupp Temper said today:

Testing was due to start in few weeks time and the Brodenbach race is just 6 weeks from now.
We had prepared all our equipment.
Motors, gearboxes and spare parts were all ready to go.
We are now in a state of shock.
The team will meet over the weekend and discuss what we can do, but it’s evident that the accident could not have hit any harder.

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