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What do you think ?

Frode Sundsdal on 27th November 2022

We would like to ask the UIM F4 pilots this time a few questions, maybe the most important one is,  What do you think we need to do to make it go upwards and forward?

We have already got a few answers, Adam Wrenkler said : 


Maybe creating a Scandinavian f4 series and training camps!

Sebastian Rémy posted : 


Wc and ec competitions must be organized in countries where it is easy for everyone to travel. for example in Latvia, Estonia, Finland or Sweden. NOT IN ITALY OR FRANCE

Another finnish champion, Jarno vilmunen said :


Would be great if there would not be races in Italy because most of the drivers are from the nordic countries. So bring the races closer to the drivers.

A guy thats not racing yet in F4, Tobias Åsbrink, from Sweden said : 

Would be great to have testing events, so new drivers could come and try.

Lauri Landen, Finland said : 


I think for f4 and classes abowe (f2, f1), is marketing. National and international series need to improve broadcasting races, because we have thrilling exreme sport, but that doesn’t translate to videos we produce. We need alot onboard cams, where spectators really see what we experience during races. And overall i think powerboating world never really learned to use social media to our advantage. Racing itself is really good in f4, but there seems to be growing cap between smaller teams (often just family team) and big teams with big crews. Ofcource we cant create budget caps or anything like that, but for example, it’s impossible for my team to run 5 national races, 1 EC and 3 WC events in one summer. Maybe we could squeez WC so that we race one week event with 3 races, just like offshore 3C does it.

Matas Kvizikevicius, one of few powerboat coaches posted : 


Many things. One of them, perhaps, would be presuring UIM to reduce world championships to one or reconcidering locations so that more people would participate. Seeing fewer than ten pilots taking part in the WC series is rather concerning. P.S. I’ve raced in GT30 and coached FF and GT10 classes so far, so my F4 experience is limited but I’m planning on moving to F4 next year.

We are very keen to have the opinion of the F4 drivers. Are your racing, or would like to race F4 ?

Please post your opinion !

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