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WHM Motorsports and CR Racing win overall – Final results from Key West

John Moore on 10th November 2019

Race World Offshore have published the final results from the racing held at Key West.

The Super Cat and Super Stock classes gave the fans hard racing and some spectacular moments over the three race series.

Billy Mauff and Jay Muller drove WHM Motorsports to the Super Cat overall win with Rob Unerstall and Casey Boaz in CR Racing taking the Super Stock honours.

Bobbye Miller Kenyon will be posting a full round-up of the RWO event early this week.

Overall Winners

Super Cat

1st) Billy Mauff and Jay Muller – WHM Motorsports

2nd) Wayne Valder and Grant Bruggemann – Pro-Floors Racing

3rd) Tyson Garvin and Tyler Miller – M-CON

Super Stock

1st) Rob Unerstall and Casey Boaz – CR Racing



Super Vee Extreme

1st) Shameel Mohammed and Mark Niemann – Sheriff Lobo

Bracket 2

1st) Dan MacNamara and Eric Treadwell – Speedster

Bracket 3

1st) J.P. Larkin and Ed Tamberino – Wix Filters

Bracket 5

1st) Greg Bluttler and Mark DiDario – Illicit Motorsports

Bracket 6

1st) Damon Marotta and Damon Marotta – Offshore Outlaw

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