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Will Marit chalk up a podium in China?

John Moore on 30th September 2019

Marit Strømøy has been working out in front of a blackboard with a lengthy chalk written to-do list.

There are only 2 weeks remaining before the F1H2o double-header in China, and the determined and focused lady racer from Norway has taken to social media today.

In an ideal situation I would be testing my raceboat somewhere with nice testing facilities and without a care in the World.

However, the real situation is different.

My raceboat is in a container on the way to China and we’re working to increase our chances.

This includes working on our financial, technical and physical stamina.

Only losers make excuses and the Championship doesn’t give a damn about who is less or more fortunate! 

Marit is 5th in the 2019 UIM F1H2o World Championship, and she goes into the China races having finished 4th at the last race in France in July.

Her BaBa hull and equipment maybe in a slow boat to China at the moment, but as always, she isn’t using that as an excuse not to put the work in elsewhere.

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