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Wood Power retires from Offshore Racing

John Moore on 22nd August 2016

Simon Wood Power, one of Britain’s most successful Offshore Racers has decided to retire from racing after a glittering 38 year career.

Wood Power who has raced in everything from a Phantom 16′ hull in Class 3 up to catamarans in UIM Class 1, won National and International Championships and has broken various speed records told me today;

The time is right, I was due to race in the Cowes Torquay Cowes race on September 4th, a race that I love.
This year I didn’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for competitive action, I spoke to my Team Owner Markus Hendricks and explained how I felt about racing.

Which leads on to the question that if Wood Power isn’t driving the UIM Marathon Class A Hendricks 55, who will be?

Markus wanted a very experienced driver to race with him, I asked Miles Jennings, who fitted the bill perfectly and he has now joined the team.

So what of Simon Wood Power’s future in the sport?

I’m looking forward to coming to Cowes as Team Manager for the Hendricks 55 Team and my company has built a new racing RIB for Powerboat P1 which is very exciting.

Racing boats may still excite Simon from the shore but the real excitement surely will be how many of Miles Jennings’ female followers will be spotted in Cowes during the Cowes Classic 2016 weekend.

Simon Wood Power winning the 2011 Cowes Torquay Cowes – Photo: Chris Davies

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