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XCAT – Al Wasl’s Williams leaves the team

John Moore on 21st October 2017

After setting the fastest time in Weihai practice yesterday, Britain’s Scott Williams has departed from his Al Wasl team.

Williams was due to race with Arif Saif Al Zafeen this weekend, however, when Nadir Bin Hendi flew into China yesterday and took over William’s seat on some of the practice laps, it was obvious things were changing in the Al Wasl camp.

Scott Williams told me this morning:

After heated discussions last night and after much consideration, I have come to the decision to quit the team.
An agreement has been made for the team to rent the boat from myself and in the meantime to allow them to continue to participate.

The fastest run of yesterday’s Weihai practice had been credited to Bin Hendi in the cockpit, however Williams continues:

I would further like to state that yesterday’s practice time of 2:28 was set by myself, and today the team only managed to qualify 5th with a time of 2:32.

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