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XCAT – Dubai entry list – Victory return

John Moore on 11th December 2019

12 teams will be racing in Dubai this weekend for the finale of the 2019 XCAT World Championship and the Victory Team is amongst them!

In April of last year, we reported that the Victory Team, ‘had dramatically pulled out of the 2018 season with the first race in Fujairah just 8 days away’.

The UAE based team had become synonymous with XCAT Racing, Victory not only dominated the series on the water, but manufactured the majority of hulls for other competitors and Dubai had heavily invested in the Championship.

Today, it has been officially announced that they are back racing in the XCAT Racing championship with Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali.

Sadly, there is no return to racing for Pal Virik Nilsen and Team Australia, the Norwegian is still battling with his with cancer of the pharynx.

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