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Young Jelf is aiming for a Baker’s Dozen

John Moore on 15th September 2016

Ben Jelf is aiming to secure his 13th British Powerboat Championship Title this weekend at Stewartby.

The likeable and level headed young lad has managed to fit school studies in with his successful 8 year racing career.

He currently leads the the 2016 Powerboat GP RYA British GT30 Championship with a 15 point lead and will also be racing in Bedford with his F4 boat.


His mother Jeni commented on his achievements;

He has just turned 16 and is already heading towards his thirteenth British title and has earned UIM Gold, Silver and Bronze World Championship Medals.
With 4 UIM European Gold medals, 4 world and national speed records, it isn’t bad for 8 years work!

Ben is following in the footsteps of his father Colin who dominated the UIM F2 World Championship in 2006 to 2008 and his uncle Owen who is still a force to be reckoned with at the highest level.

Jeni continues;

He has to live up to his father and family’s expectations and then the pressure of me as an official and as the RYA Powerboat Racing Manager.
He probably gets a much more difficult time than most, as everyone expects him to behave perfectly and know the rules etc.

Ben is also helping out younger competitors to rise through the ranks;

He also takes time to coach his teams younger drivers and assists with training new competitors and promotion.

His mum concludes;

He’s not special, he’s just a normal kid with a dream who is better for the being part of the racing ‘family’ who have all played their part in making him the great young man he is today.

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