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UIM F2 – What’s happening?

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 8th November 2022

PRW reached out to UIM General Secretary Thomas Kurth today for a progress update following disqualifications at the last round of the F2 World Championship.

He told us:

The UIM Office is aware of the fact that the three engines of the F2 boats that had been DQed in Vila Velha de Rodao were measured by an independent specialized service in Sweden last week.


None of the outcome of this measuring procedure was commented to the UIM and I cannot therefore confirm any result of this measuring procedure.


As you may know, the three drivers/Teams who were DQed at the last Round of the 2022 UIM F2 World Championship filed an appeal against their disqualification with the UIM International Court of Appeal ICA.


It is my understanding that the Chairman of the UIM International Technical Commission who overlooked the independent measuring of the engine blocks in Sweden will submit the results of the procedure to the ICA Panel in charge of examining the Appeals submitted by the three F2 drivers/Teams.  The case having been put in the hands of the ICA, it is this independent appeal body who will issue a verdict on their findings.

I am well aware of the urgency to establish the final ranking of the 2022 UIM F2 World Championship and the UIM Office is urging all parties involved to contribute at their best to reaching a final verdict at the earliest convenience.

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