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Disaster in Portugal

Frode Sundsdal on 18th September 2022

We are still in the pits in Portugal, and all I can say is – its a disaster.

Its a very sad day for powerboating. After a fantastic final, where the championship was decided on the water, its a totally different story and result list after the technical control.


So far boat # 19 has been disqualified. Stefan Hagins worldtitle has been revoked. Boat #17 is also disqualified, Sami Selios engine was also found to be out of spech, and thats by the look of it not the last engine that will be DSQ tonight.

Both Hagin and Selio´s team have confirmed to make an appeal to the UIM.

Maybe we will have result and a UIMF2 Worldchampion before Xmas 🎅

A disaster, on so many levels. I am going home !




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