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Dylan Anderson wins Lake Havasu Classic

Frode Sundsdal on 3rd November 2023

Lake Havasu, 3 Nov – 2023 – The exhilarating Lake Havasu Classic F1 powerboat race witnessed Dylan Anderson’s sensational performance as he started the event with a solid second-place finish and ended on a high note by securing a remarkable victory in the final race. This outstanding performance has positioned him strongly in the 2023 championship hunt.

In the first race of the season held at Port Niches Texas, Dylan Anderson demonstrated his unmatched skills by winning all three heats and ultimately claiming the grand final. This impressive feat earned him a maximum of 300 points and set the tone for the rest of the season.

Although Anderson faced some challenges in the subsequent rounds, he showed great resilience and determination. In round 2, the F1 LOTO Powerfest, he managed to secure a third-place finish in heat 1. In round 3, the F1 Grove Boats, Beats, & BBQ race, Anderson regained his pace and clinched victory in heat 3, leading to a commendable third-place finish overall.

The season’s final race, the F1 Lake Havasu Classic, was a testament to Anderson ‘s exceptional racing abilities. Starting the event with a solid second-place finish, he further showcased his skill in heat 2, finishing fourth. In the final race, Anderson started in P2, just behind Chris Rinker in Pole, and in front of championship leader Terry Rinker in P3. Rusty Wyatt started in P4, while heat 1 winner RJ West began in P5.

From the start, RJ West took an early lead but was later penalized for not maintaining his lane. Seizing this opportunity, Dylan Anderson made a bold move in the first corner, advancing to second place before the first lap was even completed. While Chris Rinker slipped back in the field, Jeremiah Mayo impressed with his exceptional driving skills. Terry Rinker, initially in fifth place, steadily climbed up and finished the race in an impressive third place.

Rusty Wyatt showcased his mastery over his Moore hull, delivering a flawless performance that secured him a deserving second-place finish in the Lake Havasu Classic.


Dylan Anderson’s performance at the Lake Havasu Classic showcased his determination to claim the 2023 championship title. As the laps dwindled, Terry Rinker made a remarkable move, passing his teammate Jeremiah Mayo, and sealing a third-place finish.


With his outstanding performance in the Lake Havasu Classic, Dylan Anderson has solidified his position as a top contender in the 2023 championship.


Lake Havasu Classic

P1 Dylan Anderson

P2 Rusty Wyatt

P3 Terry Rinker

P4 Jeremiah Mayo

P5 RJ West

P6 Shaun Love

Jose Mendana Jr. emerged as the champion in the Formula Light class, dominating the Lake Havasu Classic. Meanwhile, Dustin Terry, the skilled winner in the Tri Hull category, executed a remarkable last lap maneuver to secure a thrilling victory in the beloved class that had the crowd on their feet.

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