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Historic POLE POSITION for Bartek Marszalek in Indonesia

Frode Sundsdal on 26th February 2023

Bartek Marszalek, the Polish UIMF1h2o driver for Marit Strømøy’s Strømøy Racing team, made history on Sunday when he secured his first ever UIMF1h2o pole position for the Kopiko Grand Prix of Indonesia. The qualifying took place in Indonesia and Marszalek performed impressively, posting a 58.21 lap time. This was just enough to edge out the defending worldchampion of Team Abu Dhabi Shaun Torrente, who posted a 58.25.


The success was the culmination of a long journey for Marszalek, who has been competing in UIMF1h2o since the start of his career in 2011. He has been a consistent performer for Strømøy Racing, but this was his first ever pole position in the series.

The pole position is a significant milestone for both Marszalek and Strømøy Racing. It marks the first time the team have achieved a pole position in the UIMF1h2o series, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both driver and team.


The Poleposition also marks an important moment in the history of Polish motorsport. Marszalek is the first Polish driver to take a pole position in the UIMF1h2o series, and his success will no doubt inspire other Polish drivers to follow in his footsteps.


The race will take place later this afternoon, and Marszalek will no doubt be looking to build on his success and deliver a strong result for Strømøy Racing.


Bartek Marszalek told PRW after the decition was made : 


I’m very happy and looking forward for the race, we work hard to get it and it’s big pleasure to get first F1 pole in my life

PRW and the official timing first showed Shaun Torrente as the man on pole, but he reached out and said it was not correct.


I knew my 57 lap time was incorrect, but I also knew that I had an 58,15 lap on my dash, so I though I had pole, but official timings shows that am 0.04 behind. I´ll take it said Shaun Torrente who congratulated Bartek on his first pole.

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