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Sweet Sound for Strømøy

Chris Davies on 9th May 2022

Whether it’s the Mercury engine or her voice, Marit Strømøy has been extremely busy fine tuning so that they are both on song when she needs them.

We’re in the middle of an incredibly busy period. The team has been in Italy making everything ready for the upcoming F1H2O World Championship round in Macon, France. In the meantime, I’ve been in Norway with a lot of singing gigs and motivational speaker events. Finally, we seem to be back on track in the event industry after two strange years of periodic lockdowns! Love it!

At the start of May, Strømøy was at the well-attended Tønsberg Boatshow where she performed on board a Bennington L Bowrider for one of her sponsors, Vestfold Maritim.

Singing for my sponsors, it could almost be the title of my autobiography.

Then two days later she was back on stage at the official opening party at Oslofjord’s convention centre just part of one of Europe’s largest conference destinations.


Strømøy is the busiest she has been in several years averaging fifty concerts a year and now wishes that she actually had a racing calendar with confirmed dates to compliment her year.


Back stage at the party she spoke to PRW

The thing that frustrates me is not having any confirmed dates, it creates a lot of issues and tricky situations for the sponsors. The main thing is to keep them interested. I’m relieved because they all understand what is happening, but they are also eager to attend the races, so when you need to start to make travel plans for over sixty guests but have limited time to make it happen it’s extremely difficult. With Macon confirmed we should now be told about whether San Nazzaro will go ahead rather than ship all the equipment back to Norway to work on, only to be told that we have to then ship it back to Italy to race.

With international circuit racing finally beginning to get back on track Strømøy now hopes that she is not left with the sound of silence.

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