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Rinker’s consistency brings another title!

Frode Sundsdal on 4th November 2023

The 2023 Formula One Powerboat Championship took place across North America from May through October, featuring a series of four races. Established in 2017, this highly anticipated event showcased the skills of the world’s top drivers as they navigated their Formula 1 boats at mind-boggling speeds of up to 120 mph.


Terry Rinker emerged victorious once again, solidifying his reputation as the winningest driver on the tour. His mantra remains the same: to win every time he’s on the water.

Powerboat racing has a rich history in the United States, dating back to 1903. Formula One racing, in particular, has gained prominence over the past five decades, captivating audiences around the world with its lightning-quick speeds and heart-stopping turns. Tim Seebold, a former racer, has been instrumental in organizing the series, contributing to its tremendous growth and popularity.


Let’s dive into the thrilling 2023 season. Surprisingly, Terry Rinker did not dominate the race as he typically does. While he achieved a respectable four sprint heat wins, it fell short of his accustomed triumphs. In fact, Rinker failed to win any of the finals this year, with his best finish being a second place at the F1 GROVE BOATS, BEATS, & BBQ 2023. In the remaining three races, he settled for third place, including the Havasu Classic.


This season proved once again that consistency wins championships, a lesson Terry Rinker, the seasoned 60+ year old veteran, knows all too well. Despite not claiming any of the finals, Rinker’s consistent finishes throughout the season ultimately secured the championship for him.

Dylan Anderson, the winner of the 2023 Lake Havasu Classic, fought hard to keep his championship dreams alive. With just a few laps remaining in the final race, it seemed as though Anderson might finally triumph. However, Rinker’s strategic pass of his teammate Jeremiah Mayo in the closing laps dashed Anderson’s hopes. When the points were tallied, Rinker emerged victorious with 932 points, while Anderson settled for second place with 927 points. The third-place spot was claimed by Chris Rinker, Terry’s cousin, who started on pole in the Havasu Classic event.


Throughout the season, a total of seven different drivers won heats or finals in the North American Formula One Powerboat Championship. Dylan Anderson proved to be the most successful, securing victories in the final races held in Port Neches, Texas, and the Lake Havasu Classic. However , Anderson’s chance for the championship slipped away at the LOTO POWERFEST, where he finished a disappointing 13th. Ultimately, his four heat wins and two final victories were not enough to surpass the consistency of Terry Rinker.


The Phase Three Performance Hoffman F1 Composites F1 / F200 race boat, and owned by Jim Slack, played a significant role in Rinker’s success. It once again demonstrated its exceptional performance, carrying Rinker to the top of the championship standings.


Congratulations are in order for Terry Rinker, Jim Slack, and the entire team for their superb season in the 2023 Formula One Powerboat Championship. Their unwavering dedication and skill have solidified their place among the top powerboat racing competitors, continuing to thrill fans with their incredible displays of speed and precision


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