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The Race Never Stops and neither shall we

Chris Davies on 1st February 2022

It’s been three months since the Race Factory team took over running Powerboat Racing World and we’ve worked hard to develop the platform and are confident that we are going in the right direction. People are spending more time on the site, and they read more stories when they visit us, that’s a great result. We will use more tags in the published articles, so when you have enjoyed reading one, let’s say about UIM F2, more of the same about UIM F2 will be under that article. If you choose to use the ‘Category’ function, you will have a direct feed to that chosen race category. Making it more user-friendly will be our mission.

Mika, The RaceFactory mascot

The PRW team have not only been busy in the office here in Tonsberg, but we’ve also been very pro-active overseas. We attended the final two rounds of the UIM F1H2O World championship in Portugal, along with the final two rounds of the XCat World Championship in the UAE.


Whilst we were there, we also went along to the final race of the F4 UAE International Championship in Abu Dhabi and the final event of the UAE Aquabike Championship also held in Abu Dhabi.


During our UAE tour we were able to have productive meetings with the Marine Clubs based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah and Sharjah and we will work with them in promoting and reporting on their race events.

PRW has strengthened our working relationship with RaceWKND in Finland. The team behind the successes in Finland are one of the hardest working ones we have come across in Europe. You might have read about their Gala Dinner and plans for the 2022 on our site, there are plenty more articles to come. Nuppu and Johannes have developed a culture of social media engagement which amongst race promoters is second to none. We can see it in their numbers plus the stories we write about RaceWKND are always top of our ‘share’ list. When you look at their entry lists and see current World Champions competing in their series, we can see the future of the sport looks good.

Like many, the PRW team can’t wait for this year’s race seasons to start. The ‘offseason’ has certainly allowed us to focus on how we can be more efficient. Though when we start looking at racing calendars and see events we want to cover happening on the same weekend, which is always going to happen when you’re trying to cover a multi discipline sport, our thoughts turn to whether we need a slightly bigger team of contributors. If you’re a racer, race organiser or series promoter and would like to work with us, please get in contact as we are starting to confirm where we are heading to this year.

Thanks to those who have contributed these last few months with ideas, stories, and images. We get it, just like the way the sport is run most of this work has been done on a voluntary basis. Without your contributions though the site would be a lot worse off and thanks to you when we look at the statistics for January 2022 it was an all-time high which is incredibly motivating to see, and we will continue to work hard.

So, I guess we can say like Mercury Racing, ‘The Race Never Stops’ and neither shall we.

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