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Inge Lund 1959 – 2022

Frode Sundsdal on 1st August 2022

Inge contributed enormously both as a racer, a member of the Board of Tvedestrand Racing Club, in the Norwegian Motorsport Association and as a volunteer in countless events over the years – most recently during the 2022 World Championships in Tvedestrand. Inge, who was sixty-three passed away on Saturday.


Inge started racing back in 1978, and participated in many World and European Championships, most recently during the UIM 3X World Championships held in Larvik just two weeks ago.


He held several titles along with a World Record to mention just some of his success.


Those of us who were lucky enough to know Inge remember him as a man of honour, one of the old kind – a hard worker and someone who cracked down on injustice. Inge also always contributed with his good humour and determination especially when the rest of us needed it.

He was also eager for the young guard to come forth and watched with immense pleasure the success of young racers at the TRK. Inge was a role model for us all. Inge leaves behind a large void that cannot be filled by one person alone. TRK will not be the same without him. Our thoughts go out to his loved ones at this time.

The TRK Club President, Svein Henriksen said


Thank you, Inge – for who you were to all of us in TRK.

His Co-pilot, Andre Glastad in X66 said


Rest in peace my best friend, I will forever hear your voice in my helmet.

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