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UIM Offshore 3D History?

Frode Sundsdal on 3rd June 2022

Is the 2022 Offshore 3D World Championship history? Only time will tell, and that time is running out fast.


According to a communication sent from the UIM Cominoff President recently to the drivers of the 3D teams the message was clear, it’s now or never!


The defending Offshore 3D World Champion, Giovanni Carpitella is frustrated. PRW contacted him and other 3D teams last night. He told us,


We have pushed the UIM for more events, now we have it, and now drivers don’t want to travel to the two rounds in Norway. It’s crazy! I have travelled around the world for these offshore events for the last 25/30 years – and never have we been offered travel money. I really hope that we reach the necessary number of boats. We will for sure participate with D-10


Erik Sundblad Johansen will race D2 together with Jan Trygve Braaten. The team is currently testing, and they are ready to travel with the team to Italy. PRW spoke to him, and he told us,


I have just got off the phone with the organiser of Tvedestrand (the first race in Norway) and so far, there was only one entry, ours – but I am incredibly happy to get the support of Carpitella. To hear that him, and one more team are ready is a huge motivation. We will make them feel like home. There are eleven boats as we understand in 3D – with good travel money, so why don’t they want to race with us?


Are they possibly afraid of some good competition? That’s the question.

On January 25 we published an article on Giampaolo Montavoci and his team mate Kristian Ghedina who are set to race in D27. Montavoci has been accused of being the strongest voice against the two rounds in Norway. PRW tried to get a comment from him, and also his reaction that first round of the 3D championship, a race he organize will also be canclled, but we could not get an clear answer, only “No comment”


We know that, if the 3D teams do not enter for Tvedestrand and Larvik  the UIM Offshore committee will revoke the 3D world championship title for this year, and also for the near future, so it’s an interesting situation for the 3D offshore class.


Will they boycott the rounds in Norway, and loose the opportunity of becoming offshore world champions and settle for National title races in Italy or will the two rounds in Norway have the minimum number of entries cross the start line at both events?


We will know the future of the 3D class by the end of the weekend. from our perspective we really cannot understand why teams don’t want to participate when they finally have a full-scale 3D World Championship series and events which offer travel packages financially supported by the organising clubs.


What is the motivation?


Political and financial motivation from a few is the first that struck us, which is something we heard about for a long time, but are there other motives that will not fit with a transparent ruling system?

The organiser of round one is trying hard to have boats racing in Italy, but we believe that the UIM will not fall for the cheap tricks of ” If the boats come to Rodi Garganico probably they will go to Norway. If they don’t come to Norway UIM have time to cancel Rodi”


By allowing that, the leverage is gone – who cares about a race that is cancelled afterwards – after all, the drivers have raced, and organiser has secured their financial support and his sponsor money.

It’s by not allowing this to happen that UIM can and will have to be strong.


Let’s see, you cannot force teams and drivers to participate in the World Championship, even if there are ten or more boats available.

So, maybe that’s just what the teams want. Play around just in the south but come on guys – then it’s not worth a World Championship title, that’s our opinion.


For entry form : click here – > 3D Worldchampionship Tvedestrand

If u want to contact the organizer, email : Svein Henriksen

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