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Max Points for Cremona

Chris Davies on 1st August 2022

After setting the pace back in May at the opening round of the UIM F250 World Championship in Jedovnice only for it all to go wrong in final heat for Massimiliano Cremona, could history repeat itself or would the Italian secure victory at the Europcar Swedish Grand Prix in Mora after winning two of the three heats.

With the Cremona brother securing a one-two in the opening heat and Péter Bodor failing to finish, the advantage certainly laid in the Italian camp, but they knew they had been there before only to fluff their lines when it really mattered and the Hungarian to secure all the points.

Heat two had gone to Massimiliano Cremona with Bodor sandwiched in second place between the brothers. It now all came down to who could hold their nerve.

As the F250 racers sped away from the start pontoon Massimiliano Cremona hit the front whilst Bodor trailed back in the pack and had to fight his way through. The Hungarian knew he had the speed to close in on the leaders and as he caught up with Alex Cremona the pair touched as they exited the third turn. It was just enough to leave the Italian stranded and for Bodor to take second place.

I’m gutted that it happened like that, as he came incredibly angry at me in the turn. Sure, there is contact, but we are not in cockpits, and it could have been dangerous.

With Alex Cremona now drifting onto the racing line the race officials decided to halt proceedings. As they frantically waved the red flags the racers decided to ignore them as they were all convinced that Cremona was not in harm’s way.

Eventually they all returned to the start pontoon where the Officer of the Day Pelle Larsson was waiting to explain just why he felt it was safer to bring the proceedings to a temporary halt.

With engine and drivers’ temperatures now cooled down, it was business as usual out in front with the sole remaining Cremona in the lead with Bodor just waiting to see if the Italian would slip up.

Not on this occasion though as that’s how they crossed the finish line with Britain’s Wayne Turner securing another third-place finish and with it enough points to take second overall, an excellent result for the quiet Englishman aboard.

Once the UIM Technical officials had weighed both the hull and driver Cremona spoke to PRW.

This is so becoming one of my favourite circuits. I remembered winning here way back in 2007 and how much joy that brought me and today is the same feeling. When we missed the practice on Friday, I really didn’t think this result would be possible, but we made excellent work and found good solutions. Now we can go home happy.

As for the officials stopping the race, it’s my brother out there, if I thought there was a risk for sure I would have come in. It would have been safer to run the race and not have a dangerous re-start.

For Bodor he was happy that he had manged to salvage a good haul of championship points after his mis fortune in the second heat.


Fighting for world championship points is more important than individual race glory.

The three racers who made their way onto the podium in Mora have now pulled away from the rest of the pack and although he might be in third place Turner is still in the hunt for the 2022 UIM F250 World Championship title as he is only five points off Cremona currently sitting at the top of the table and just three behind Bodor with just one round to go.

World Championship Formula 250
Pos. Boat Name Nation Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total
No Points Points Points Points Points
1 23 Massimiliano CREMONA ITA 17 20 C 37
2 33 Peter BODOR HUN 20 15 A 35
3 9 Wayne TURNER GBR 15 17 N 32
4 46 Alessandro CREMONA ITA 10 13 C 23
5 91 Emil EMILOV BUL 11 9 E 20
5 14 Ingo HEPNER GER 9 11 L 20
7 21 Marco MALASPINA ITA 13 L 13
8 49 Stefan PROBST GER 10 E 10
9 63 Richard Thomas GÜLL GER 8 D 8
25 Pasquale CONTENTO ITA 0 0
99 Heiko SCHMIDT GER 0 0

All images by Chris Davies/PRW

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