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Chris Davies on 28th January 2022

A recent UIM rule change that has been introduced by the COMINSPORT Commission has certainly provoked a reaction from a few drivers on social media, several of whom race in the Hydro GP World Championship, and not all of those comments have been favourable.

Previously rule 202.02.09 stated.

The amount of the entry fee, except for Continental or World Championships for which there is no fee.

This has now been amended to.

The amount of the entry fee for a Continental or World Championship of any circuit class is 100Euro for each entry. It must be indicated in the Advance Programme documents.

This change was proposed by Pelle Larson and the Swedish National Authority, and their justification was.

It’s not easy for an organiser to find sponsorship, it’s always a struggle to find the funding. With a hundred euro from every driver, it will certainly help in a small way to put the event on.

One of those drivers competing in this season seven round UIM F-500 World Championship has worked out that his total entry fees for the year plus the 90 Euro insurance fee for each race will cost him over 1,300 Euro, potentially the same amount it would cost him to travel to the round in Mora, Sweden. So, I went looking for a sporting comparison.

When Guido Cappellini first got involved in motor sport, he raced karts. So, I contacted the Association of British Kart Clubs to find out about entry fees. To race at a ‘basic’ club meeting, not a National or European Championship round, using your own equipment the entry fees are usually about £70 (85 Euros) and for that you will get a short practice, two or three heats and a final. To compete in a National round its three times that amount.

There seems to be more to this than just the entry fee ruling and that’s to do with how the drivers were made aware of this amendment. How come several of them only found out about this via social media? Where are the ‘proper’ channels of communication from the UIM to those hydro drivers?

For several years there has been a Drivers Representative on the Formula 1 Committee, the body responsible for all aspects of F1 racing which reports directly to the UIM Council. The Formula Committee, which is responsible for all the other aspects of formula racing, has Owen Jelf as the F2 Drivers Representative. Furthermore, the F2 Teams Association has a representative there and prior to the UIM General Assembly taking place the F2TA discuss with all the drivers any proposals that are due to be implemented or rules amended by the Council. Last season over forty drivers raced in the Hydro GP series, who is their Drivers Representative and why are they not on the Formula Committee reporting back any potential issues to the competitors. It’s not a full-time job and with the recent travel restrictions all the meetings have been virtual.

Finally, I know racers will invest a huge amount of euros in a new propellor to gain a few seconds now it’s time for those racers to invest in the future of their sport.

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