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Modin and Groth Grab the Title

Chris Davies on 2nd August 2022

Anton Modin and Kristoffer Groth are tonight celebrating the fact that they are the 2022 UIM Offshore Class 3B World Champions. Any chance of partying the night away in Öregrund, Sweden are on hold though till Thursday night as there is the small matter of trying to secure Modin a third UIM world title this year to add to his UIM Class 3A.

Their closest challengers were their Swedish rivals Rasmus Hamrén and Madeleine Samuelsson in B-32.

Hamrén was on my tail all throughout the race, at times they got close, but I felt comfortable.

Just prior to them sealing the world title Modin and Groth had been out racing in the UIM Offshore Class 3J World Championship and although they came home in sixth place it did prove to be extremely useful to them.

On the last lap I sent a text message to the team requesting that we pitched down the propeller on the 3B Twister Cat as the sea was rougher than we had expected, and I knew that I needed better acceleration.

The pair have already started to play down the idea of collecting a second title this week as they have spent hardly any time in getting their Class 3J Dalla Pieta 16 set up properly.

The weight must be perfectly placed in the boat to make it competitive and so we need to make some changes before we head out for the second heat.

With three more races in the next two days, have they given much thought to the final Class 3B one on Thursday?

It will certainly be a more relaxed race, so let’s see whether Hamrén and Samuelsson have any more fight left in them because it would be really nice to finish with a clean sweep.

When Samuelsson spoke to PRW she said


We didn’t get the dream start but we are incredibly happy with our second place. Of course, you drive and compete to win, but those two in B-82 are a good team and they put up a good fight and they won it. Now we will take Wednesday to recharge and sharpen our skills for the final competition on Thursday.

Photos supplied by Chris Davies/PRW

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