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Can Modin Take the Triple Crown

Chris Davies on 2nd August 2022

Just last month in Norway Anton Modin was a last-minute name on the entry list for the UIM Class 3A World Championships. With Norwegian Andrine Goderstad Hirschel Haag as his navigator, he set about securing a title that had eluded him in the six years he had raced in the class. Can he secure two more world titles this week when he arrives in Öregrund, Sweden.

The Öregrunds Racerklubb is Sweden’s biggest powerboat racing club, probably best known for organising the Roslagsloppet race. This week along with celebrating the Sixtieth Anniversary of their most famous race they will also host the UIM World Championship in Offshore 3J and Round Three and Four for the UIM World Championship in Offshore 3B.

Modin along with his co-driver Christoffer Groth arrive in Öregrund with a healthy advantage in the race to become the 3B world champs after taking maximum points at the first two rounds that took place Tvedestrand.

They won’t have it all their own way though as their Swedish rivals Rasmus Hamrén and Madeleine Samuelsson in B-32 will be looking to get back into the hunt for the gold medal.

Modin and Groth will also be competing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the 3J class which fortunately gets under way on the conclusion of the 3B races. Amongst those who they will be racing against include Stefan Arand, who has Mathilda Wiberg as his co-driver. Back in 2019 they took the title and are not about to relinquish it.  From Sweden Matilda and Adam Wrenkler will also provide stiff opposition, along with Hilmer and Willhelm Wiberg.

UIM 3B World Championship
Boat No. Nat. Driver Co-Driver Boat Engine
B-19 Sweden Urban Lagerström Caroline Wigerman Twister 20 Mercury 115
B-32 Sweden Rasmus Hamrén Madeleine Samuelsson Twister 20 Mercury 115
B-82 Sweden Anton Modin Kristoffer Groth Twister 20 Mercury 115
B-98 Sweden Filip Eriksson Fredrik Groth Fyrö Twister 20 Mercury 115
UIM Class 3J World Championship
Boat No. Driver Nat. Co.Driver Nat. Boat Engine
J-1 Stefan Arand Estonia Mathilda Wiberg Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-14 Hilmer Wiberg Sweden Willhelm Wiberg Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-20 Matilda Wrenkler Sweden Adam Wrenkler Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-22 Viveka Vapaavuori Finland Joona Tikka Finland TG 5000 XR Mercury 60
J-36 Rikard Ingvarsson Sweden Adam Jansson Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-52 Aleksi Mäkinen Finland Marko Ihalainen Finland Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-57 Oline Nordli Norway Andrine Goderstad Hirschel-Haag Norway Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-82 Anton Modin Sweden Kristoffer Groth Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-86 Tomi Huuhka Finland Lenni Strandberg Finland Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-100 Linus Rosen Sweden Liam Lundin Sweden Dalla Pieta 16 Mercury 60
J-411 Linus Wallin Sweden Hanna Atterling Sweden Aero 18 Mercury 60
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