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Motul For Mette

Chris Davies on 28th February 2022

Motul, the global French company which manufacturers, develops and distributes lubricants for engines has renew their partnership with Mette Brandt Bjerknæs for the 2022 F2 powerboat season.

Their renewed focus on the international marine market, combined with Bjerknæs achievements in the British Powerboat Championship and her professionalism throughout the 2021 UIM F2 World Championship helped secure her the deal

PRW spoke to Bjerknæs after she had collected her award for winning the Formula GP Class at the CPA British Sprint Championship.

I am incredibly happy and thankful to have Motul supporting me again.

They have been such an important partner in my racing career and their products have improved the longevity and performance of my equipment.


Motul has been a dedicated supporter of Bjerknæs in the past, helping her secure the UIM Endurance World Championship back in 2014.

Marine race engines are used in vastly different conditions from that of automotive engines. They are also operating at much cooler temperatures as their cooling systems use water from the surrounding environment such as the lakes and rivers race on.

As a result, while running at full load but at low coolant temperature, the engines create thick deposits on spark plugs, pistons, and ports.

This is the main reason dedicated lubricants, specially formulated for race applications, are required for our engine to function safely in these race conditions.

Bjerknæs said


We all know that there will be a transition into 4-Stroke technology, so my partnership with Motul will prepare for that as they are now developing a fully synthetic oil to use with the new Mercury APX motors. It’s the future and we are going to have to adapt to it.

The timing of this change could not be better as Motul’s philosophy of using racetracks to develop and refine products is in their bloodline, and the demands of racing offer the perfect living laboratory for innovation and ultimate product testing.

PRW were told that JRM Racing will look at running the new Mercury APX engine for the 2023 season.

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