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Hipp Hipp Mette !

Frode Sundsdal on 22nd January 2022 would like to wish the JRM Racing driver, Mette Brant Bjærknes happy birtyday !


Its been confirmed from the team that Mette will race the UIM F2 Worldchampionship series in 2022. We have also been notified of an upcoming announcment of the 2nd pilot in the team for 2022.


In the video below, Mette speaks to Steve Michael after her F1H2o debute in London.


Fact : JRM Racing boat #9 driver is Mette Bjerknes. The 33 year old Norwegian has been racing in Formula 2 for several year, with varying results, but only recently found the recipe for success.
After Mette won the Endurance World Championship in class 2 with Team Navikart in 2014, her main focus has been the sprint World Series. In her last season she finished top ten overall, securing championship points in the last three races. Her best result yet.
“JRM Racing has given me the structure and stability I needed to find my confidence and motivation. I always knew I had it in me, I just lacked the assertiveness needed to fight for the top positions. A strong, dedicated and organised team like JRM Racing boasts success”
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