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2021 UIM Nominees

Chris Davies on 17th January 2022

UIM fans and followers are invited to help pick the racers that will be enshrined in the UIM top drivers and riders list.


This is a chance to be a part of the historical selection of the UIM Driver & Junior Driver of the Year.


UIM Driver of the Year:


Laura Lakovica
(Latvia) 2021 UIM GT30 World & European Champion.

Peter Bodor
(Hungary): 2021 UIM Formula 250 and Formula 350 World Champion.

Rashed Al Qemzi
(UAE): 2021 F2 World Champion & 2021 Endurance S2 World Champion.

Mattias Siimann
(Estonia): 2021 UIM Aquabike Class Pro Runabout GP2 & GP4 World Champion & European Champion in Runabout GP2.

Jérémy Perez
(France): 2021 Aquabike Class Pro Runabout GP1 World Champion.

Andrea Bacchi & Giovanni Carpitella
(Italy): 2021 UIM Offshore Class 3D World & European Champions.

Nadir Bin Hendi & Arif Al Zaffain
(UAE): 2021 UIM XCAT World Champions.

Jonas Andersson
(Sweden): 2021 F1H2O World Champion.


Junior Driver of the Year:


Ander Hubert-Lauri
(Estonia): 2021 UIM Aquabike Ski Juniors GP3.2 World & European Champion.

Csongor Jaszai
(Hungary): 2021 UIM Aquabike Ski junior GP3.3 World & European Champion.

Akim Logshua
(ROC) 2021 UIM Formula Future Class 1 World & European Champion.

Magomedrasul Alichuev
(ROC): 2021 UIM Formula Future Class 3 World & European Champion


The two nominees per category who receive the most votes will count as a quarter of the vote cast by the Council Members.


Voting is open until January 31, 2022.

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