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UIM Reach New Agreement

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 19th July 2022

The UIM Secretary General Thomas Kurth has today reached an agreement with the Norwegian Company, TheRaceFactory, which operates the website and specialises in event planning and promotion, social media, graphic design, and photography, to provide the UIM’s commercial arm, UIM Events, with images and text from the 2022 UIM F2 World Championship.

TheRaceFactory owner, Frode Sundsdal is delighted with the opportunity to work with the Monaco based subsidiary of the international powerboat federation the UIM and said,

Starting this week, we will be working with UIM Events with the purpose to raise the profile of the F2 World Championship by providing them with images and text to begin with. The opening round of the eagerly anticipated 2022 UIM F2 World Championship is an ideal starting point to highlight this spectacular circuit racing category.

Sundsdal continued by saying,

We here at TheRaceFactory are currently working on our vision and believe that we can and will make a difference in powerboating. We will dedicate our time to producing accurate factual stories, to promoting the sport and taking it to a wider global audience.

Thomas Kurth said,

We are extremely happy to count on the support we will now be getting from the media experts of TheRaceFactory. The UIM F2 World Championship and the participating teams and drivers deserve a consistent promotion through high quality services that remain available throughout the entire season.

Chris Davies, who is the Contributing Editor, and has been involved with the UIM F2 World Championship ever since he went to Stockholm for the 2012 Grand Prix of Sweden had this to say,

Having the chance to work with UIM Events is a fantastic opportunity for all of us here at TheRaceFactory. I’m sure there will be a few challenges along the way to overcome. Being familiar with all those that race in this series is a huge bonus. I’m looking forward to seeing them again this weekend and working alongside Agnieszka Grajewska and her team from the AKS Sparta club who have done a terrific job in organising this event.

Photos Chris Davies/PRW

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