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Moore to Come from Brewer

Chris Davies on 30th January 2022

Today, Jonny Brewer, who secured the 2021 British Formula GP Light Championship title back in September has taken a huge step forward in his circuit racing career. The East Midlands based driver has now taken delivery of the Moore F2 hull that Quentin Dailly raced with in the Italian Championship at the 19° Grand Prix Motonautico del Po last August in San Nazzaro.

The JLB Racing team had been looking for a suitable hull for Jonny to progress from Formula 4 to F2 with and opted for this 2009 version, a similar one to that used by Matt Palfreyman when he finished second at the UIM F2 Grand Prix of Norway back in 2015.

Brewer spoke to PRW on his way back to the UK.

I’m really looking forward to testing this Moore hull out. We’ve got it as part of my development programme. Last September Steve Hoult gave me the opportunity of driving his Molgaard F2 at Stewartby and I found that with its powered steering it was easier to drive than my F4. Yes, the speed difference was a bigger jump than I had expected as those turn marks come up to you a lot quicker but once you’ve rounded them it’s so much easier to punch it out of the turns.

Brewer though grateful as he was to Hoult is not about to switch classes as he still plans to concentrate this coming season on retaining his British Championship title which he won for the first-time last year.

I’ve been so close in the past but to stand on that top spot of the podium was what I’ve been racing years to achieve and to manage it amongst some strong racers meant even more to me.

Brewer is also planning on racing in the UIM F4 World Championship at rounds taking place in Italy, Lithuania and hopefully Macon in France. There is also a chance that we could see him compete at the 24h Motonautics of Rouen.

He’s also not finished with setting speeds records. Following the 49th Coniston Powerboat Records week, where he walked away with three British Records, a World Record, and a silver K7 star, he could be heading back to the Lakes in November.

To claim a World and British record of 80.00mph in the F4 class was special to me. Jason, my father also has a World and British record in another class so it’s nice that we can both hold records at the same time. Being awarded the K7 Silver Star was an honour as it’s presented by Donald Campbell’s K7 Club.

2022 Circuit Powerboat Association British Championship

28/29 May                         Carr Mill Dam                    Lancashire Powerboat Racing Club

23/24 July                          Oulton Broad                    Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Motor Boat Club

17/18 September             Stewartby Lake                 Stewartby Powerboat & Hydroplane Racing Club

2022 CPA British Sprint Championship

13/14 August                    Stewartby Lake                 Stewartby Powerboat & Hydroplane Racing Club

Coniston Powerboat Records Week

01/05 November              Coniston                             Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club

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