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Offshore 3 championships i 2024

Frode Sundsdal on 4th December 2023

The UIM has selected Arendal and Larvik in Norway as host cities for some of the 2024 UIM Offshore title Championship events. Arendal will hold a round of the highly anticipated UIM Offshore 3D World Championship, as well as the prestigious single eventUIM Offshore 3B World Championship and the UIM Offshore 3J, 3X, and 3C European Championships.

These thrilling events will take place from August 1st to 4th.


On the other hand, Larvik, unfortunately, lost the opportunity to host a round of the Offshore 3D World Championship, but on June 27th to 30th, the city will be offered to organize the UIM World Championship single event for classes 3A, 3X, and 3J.

This outcome has left the local organizers in Larvik disappointed, and a board meeting will be held to determine the course of action for the club.


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