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3D World Championship

Frode Sundsdal on 19th January 2022

UIM has posted 3 rounds for the UIM Offshore 3D championship. 


  1. Italy, Cagliari 1/6 to 5/6 2022
  2. Norway, Tvedestrand 6/7 to 10/7
  3. Norway, Larvik 13/7 to 17/7

We are still waiting for Info from the organizers, but the first advance program is posted on the UIM site. There is offered 1000 Euro travel money pr race in Norway, and in Tvedestrand the organizers has included price money for the podium.


  1. 5000 Euro to the winner.
  2. 3000 Euro to the runner up.
  3. 2000 Euro to the 3rd place.


The Norwegian 3C World and European Champion Erik Sundblad Johansen will team up with Jan Trygve Braaten. The Norwegian duo will participate in all 3 rounds.


The team will race the Extreme Marine #11 from Dubai champion Rashed AL Marri. More info HERE 

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