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Sunrise in Dyviga

Chris Davies on 13th July 2022

As racing gets under way in Larvik today perhaps, we should all remember that on Friday, July 13, exactly ten years ago, Kurt Åge Olsen was given life again. The Norwegian racer died but was repeatedly helped back to life by good first aiders, rescue teams, ambulance personnel and doctors.

Kurt Åge Olsen had experienced a fatal accident during the Class 1 offshore race in Gabon, Africa. The life of William Nocker, who was his British co-pilot with him in the boat, could not be saved.


In memory of William, we have shared the following from Kurt’s social media post along with the extremely poignant video that is a touching tribute to Nocker.

The video shows what happened during the accident in Gabon and the moment of remembrance on the water the next day.


Rest in peace, William. Hope you are in a better place….

Sitting here at sunrise in Dyviga and thinking about how lucky I am.

Incredibly many friends from far and near, showed their support in the time after the accident. I was critically injured with 204 fractures, two punctured lungs, cracked liver and cardiac arrest. After a total of three weeks in a coma, I woke up to surgery and rehabilitation. Since then, I have made great progress, even though I still have a lot of ailments.

No one said that life should be easy to live, only that it should be worth it. That’s it.

I often have memories of the accident and think about how miserable life is.

I am still incredibly grateful that I survived. The experiences have made me stronger, and I have become better at showing and appreciating those around me and the good, important things in life, as well as the things that make me and other happy, better fellow human beings. I reflect more on how people feel and spend more time using my experiences for something positive that builds myself and others, and that gives strength and wisdom.

Friday, July 13, 2012, was not my day of death. I still had a lot left to do. I am incredibly grateful that I got life as a gift again. This event shows how fragile life is. Believe that everything that happens has a meaning. Never stop telling the people around you what they mean to you. Suddenly it’s too late.

After ten years of training / school of life in what I have chosen to call my way back to life, family, and friends from near and far, have been the best supporters and motivation in my further progress.


I want to say a big thank you to my children, Marius and Joakim, my parents, siblings, friends, FB friends and others, for all the help, support, warm thoughts, and prayers. You all kept me up when I needed it most.


It is in adversity that you discover who deserves to be a part of your future and how you want to live out the future.

The words of a chronically ill friend who said “I just wanted everything to be over” ring in my head. I write here as I told her. ‘Fight on.’  Use the thoughts of all those who care about you and everything you have to live for to help you get through this. She is a wonderful girl with many qualities and resources. In such a situation, you need support in everyday life and positive feedback. For some it can mean the difference between life and death. Inclusion, some good words and showing that you care about those you meet on your way, can make the difference

Do not wait to live, life does not wait until you are ready. Live each day as if it were your last. You never know what tomorrow will bring.


Carpe Diem


As a footnote we all know that any form of motorsport has risks attached. Through the work undertaken by the UIM COMINTECH which include the study of all technical rules proposed for international competition, the formulation and administration of all tests on boats, equipment, and special materials, to standardise boats and equipment and to recommend homologation procedures, the sport has become considerably safer.


Additionally, COMINTECH members study and recommend technical measures likely to interest competitors and improve reliability and safety in the Powerboating sport.


As a result of this ongoing work the competitors involved in racing incidents like those that happen recently in Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix all emerged injury-free.

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