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Welcome to Larvik Grand Prix

Frode Sundsdal on 2nd February 2022

Outboardklubben, Norway invites you to a Powerboat week with the World Championships in Class 3A, 3X and World Championship rounds in 3D on 13th -16th July.

Farris Bad ‒ 2 min from Dry Pit Fritzoe Brygge 2, 3285 Larvik


Phone: +47 33 19 60 00 Booking:


Race organizer Lars Inge Graver Phone: +47 91655560 Mail:

Participants in class 3 D will be rewarded travel expence support of EURO 1.000 each team. Amount will be transfered at admission 13th July

Class 3D: 1 st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies in each of the 2 races of the Championship round. Price money for winning 2 rounds combined: 1st EURO 5.000, 2nd 3.000 EURO, 3rd 2.000 EURO

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