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Larvik Looking Good

Chris Davies on 12th June 2022

Following the confirmation that the 2022 UIM Offshore Class 3D World Championships will now go ahead, the Event Director, Lars Inge Graver, and his team at the Outboardklubben in Larvik, Norway are satisfied that with only some small logistic issues remaining everything is finally in place.

It’s not just any offshore event because it’s the last rounds of the UIM World Championship which means that this summer World Champions will be crowned in Larvik.

Last year’s National Championship round, which was moved from Sandefjord to Larvik at the last minute, proved to be phenomenally successful for Graver. Now, after receiving the green light from the municipality, he and his team are able to host the UIM 3A and 3X World Championship along with the final round of the 3D Worlds, as well as the Nordic Championships in class 3J.

In total, around twenty boats are expected to arrive, and the competition will be held over three days July 13 – 14 – 16. Two Norwegian participants are in racing in 3D, and Graver believes a home victory could happen.

We have been planning the event for quite some time with the NMF (Norges Motorsportsforbund) along with the UIM and we are optimistic that the trophies will be staying in Norway.

He praised the municipality for being benevolent in the application and planning process. In its document, the administration points out that the event can have a positive effect on value creation in the local business sector and marketing of Larvik both nationally and internationally. But even though everything is ready not everyone is pleased that the World Championships are being held in Larviksfjorden.

The local environmental group have claimed that biodiversity has reached its limit long ago in the Larvik fjord and the surrounding areas. Graver himself believes these claims are exaggerated but at the same time is happy that someone is critical, so that they can use the feedback to improve.

The rhetoric is populist and has little root in reality, but I would like to invite the environmental lobby to a dialogue on the ecosystem and boat sports over a coffee.

2022 UIM Offshore Class 3D World Championships.

June 16 – 19 Rodi Garganico Italy
July 06 – 10 Tvedestrand Norway
July 13 – 17 Larvik Norway
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