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Xcat update – Tragedy in Naples

Frode Sundsdal on 27th December 2022

Pasquale Corsaro was killed in a high speed accident this morning off the port of Baia. His throttleman, Roberto Lo Piano who after first aid was transferred to the emergency room of the Santa Maria delle Grazie hospital in Pozzuoli was only slightly injured.


PRW expressed our condolences to Lo Piano tonight, and he responded back to us. We are therefore pleased to report that he is released from Hospital.


When PRW asked Roberto about his health he replayed :


Some bruising in the legs, shoulders and back. And I hit my head so a head injury is there… but all in all I’m fine.. morally not. I am so sorry for my friend and his family…

The mayor of Bacoli, Josi Gerardo Della Ragione, expressed his condolences on Facebook for the death of the 35-year-old.
” I learn with deep pain of the tragedy that took place this morning off the port of Baia – he wrote – the city of Bacoli, and in particular the entire nautical sector, mourns the disappearance of Pasquale. A young worker who lost his life at sea. to the mourning of the family. It is a very sad day. Tonight, as a sign of condolences, the Christmas Tree at the port of Baia will remain unlit “.

The catamaran on which the relevant investigations will be carried out has been recovered and seized. The investigations are conducted by the Port Authority of Pozzuoli.

Jean Marie Van Lancker, the UIM President for Offshore was not aware of the accident when PRW contacted him this afternoon. He was shocked.


First of all, my thoughts goes to Pasquale´s family and team. When an accident like this happens it hurts all the members of the powerboat family.

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