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Xcat drama !

Chris Davies on 22nd December 2021

The 2021 UIM XCat World Championship Results Update.

Prior to the last race at the Dubai Grand Prix on Saturday 11 December, there was a protest made against both Team Abu Dhabi raceboats (number 4 and number 5) on the grounds of a technical infringement.

Following that race Team Abu Dhabi met with the UIM Commissioners. The protest was not deemed as legal and was rejected.

On Friday 17 December, the Protest Jury Committee held an online meeting and accepted that protest. The decision taken was to disqualify the Team Abu Dhabi raceboats number four and five for the entire 2021 championship.

The notification was sent to UIM office and all the results in line with this decision starting from Race One at the Fujairah Grand Prix were re calculated. The new results include each race, the pole position, and the overall 2021 World Championship. These provisional results are officially posted on the UIM site.

The response from Team Abu Dhabi:Team Abu Dhabi is extremely disappointed in XCat’s decision and handling of this situation. We are going through the proper process for appeal and are confident that the truth will prevail.

Was the UIM Race Director aware at all of the situation?

Pelle Larson told Powerboat Racing World that he did not know about it, and that this decision was taken without his knowledge. His signature is not on the provisional result sheet either. That’s strange, because in the UIM XCat rule it states that it’s his sole responsibility as we understand.

We also spoke to Thomas Kurth, the UIM Secretary General and he reiterated that the results are only provisional, and that Team Abu Dhabi has until 20th of December to appeal. PRW has confirmation from Team Abu Dhabi that they have appealed the case to ICA.

Eight of the last eleven appeals against UIM decisions has been ruled in favour of the appellant.

Powerboat Racing World:

PRW received a lot of information, pictures, and statements about this protest, which we will always welcome but PRW will only publish official statements and post the official results on the website, we are certainly not here to take sides.

PRW provided coverage of the 2021 XCat World Championship and it’s fair to say that we had to go hunting for content which in this day and age should not be the case, we hope this improves for the 2022 season.


Provisional UIM XCat World Championship 2022.


04/06 March                Fujairah                       UAE

10/12 June                   TBA                             Italy

17/19 June                   TBA                             Italy

29/31 July                    TBA                             Eastern Europe

05/07 August               TBA                             Eastern Europe

23/25 September         TBA                             Egypt

30 September –

02 October                   TBA                             Egypt

09/11 December          Dubai                           UAD

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