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Positive is Negative for Pål Virik

Frode Sundsdal on 26th February 2022

The last days have really been a nightmare for me. I was supposed to leave Norway for Dubai on Wednesday together with my manager Lars Inge Graver and my son Matteo. Instead I had to return back home from the Airport in Oslo alone due to a positive Covid-19 PCR test said Pål Virik Nilsen to PRW yesterday !

PRW; What happen then ?

The test was then analysed in a different laboratory and result we got back was a very weak positive one. After that I have been tested several times at different medical centres. Once again the tests have all come back positive. Now it’s Friday night and I still don’t know whether I can get to the opening round of the XCat World Championship.

It’s strange because I did have Covid two weeks ago but now I feel like I’m back to normal. The Doctors have told me that in some cases the virus stays in your system for many weeks. Dubai has very strict immigration rules and you need a negative PCR test 72 hours before you travel to the UAE. That has created a big problem for me and perhaps others hoping to travel. The proof is my covid certificate where it states that I had the virus two weeks ago and now in mine and my doctors opinion I should be fit enough to travel into Dubai because it’s not an active virus anymore after so many days.

I have been so looking forward to making my comeback to powerboat racing after I was seriously ill two years ago and now unfortunately it seems that it will be delayed even further.

I feel bad for my new team Maritimo who are already in pits at Fujairah especially as he plan was to have some test days before the race week starts. Now all I can hope for is that i will pass the covid test and hopefully get an all clear to travel on Saturday afternoon says a frustrated Pål Virik Nilsen

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