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Zabo Racing is back !

Frode Sundsdal on 25th January 2022

Having been a regular contender in the Class 1 series for close to two decades, Zabo Racing has been kept away from racing activities in the USA due to the Pandemic and travel restrictions for the last two years. spoke to Jan Zaborowski tonight, and he said :

We fully support the UIM/APBA Class 1 Series organized by P1 Offshore starting off in Cocoa Beach in May this year. With a slight change of crew, the red boat will return to the series. Our regular Throttleman Miles Jennings will be companied by two new Drivers from the Cayman Islands, swapping the helm between the events

The new drivers on Zabo Racing 91

Mario Rankin

Mr. Mario Rankin, born and raised in the Cayman Islands is the head of MDR Consulting which is involved in several development projects in the Cayman Islands.


He is also a car and boat enthusiast having competed in local events and has a strong desire to get international powerboat racing arriving at Cayman Islands.

Mr. Jason Butcher, born and raised in Canada, arrived in Cayman Island in 2002 and have since become a Permanent Resident involved in getting several events started within various sporting activities often related to motors in the air, on land and at sea.


He is now focused on the possibility of bringing Class 1 to the Cayman Islands by joining Mario Rankin in the Zabo Racing Team

The rig is fully prepared with twin Mercury 1100 hp engines and the whole rig has been carefully maintained during the interval when racing was not possible.


Mr. Jan Zaborowski will still be connected with the team and together with a carefully selected crew secure the running and maintenance of the boat during the racing calendar.

The Class 1 legendary team owner, Jan Zaborowski who turns 70 in March, and felt it was time to have new team owners, and he told tonight that :


We are looking forward to develope the team under new ownership, and who knows, maybe someday soon we can see a Class 1 race at Cayman Islands. That would be a dream

New owners of Team Zabo from Cayman Islands

Jason Butcher

Jason Butcher

Jason Butcher is a Permanent Resident of Cayman who first came to the islands in 2002. He is an entrepreneur and investor in many local and international buisnesses.


He has started many ventures that has brought the local community together from being involved with several community support programs from the Cayman Flying Club to community fareming project to Cayman Super Car Club and the Cayman Auto Assosiation to mentoring young Caymanians and so much more.


Although he is originally from Canada and has come and gone several times over the years, he has called Cayman his home from the very first time he arrived in Cayman in 2002. Jason is also a sports competitor at heart and did not hesitate at the opportunity to invest in a boatracing team that would allow him to compete on such a high level but also allowed him to represent the place he now calls home placing the Cayman Islands on the sports turism stage.

Mario Rankin

Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Mario Rankin is an entrepreneur, buisnessman, and activist for a sustainable Cayman.


With over 20 years expiriance in buisness formation, operations, and managment he is the buisness ovener of the MDR Consulting witch is a firm that consults for various development projects in the Cayman Islands.


He is also a car and boat enthusiast and has competed in previous offshore boat races in the Cayman Islands witch is why he thought this unique opportunity to participate on the international boat racing level would elevate the Cayman Island Sports Tourism on the global stage, something the Cayman Islands has been discussing for many years.


Mario personally feels that this is a great opportunity to be a sports ambassador to help pioneer the very first international sporting event in the Cayman Islands.

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