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Paulo has taken the lead in campaigning for the position

fredrik on 18th October 2023

The UIM Council now faces the decision of choosing and nominating a candidate for the vacant position of President of the Formula Committee. Two potential candidates have emerged, namely Paulo Ferreira and Pelle Larsson.

Paulo Ferreira, the President of the Federacao Portuguesa De Motonautica, has taken the lead in campaigning for the position. He has demonstrated his dedication by already having a seat in Council for the next three years and his track record of organizing successful events in Portugal. Ferreira has also provided a detailed proposal for the future of Formula racing, which he will present to the council. His emphasis on securing sponsors, creating a strong media plan, and organizing a variety of events showcases his ambitious plans for the sport. PRW has seen the proposal.

Frode Sundsdal, the owner of PRW said :

“The proposal looks very professional. Mr Ferreira has a game plan, and since he has track record of saving the World-championship in the Formula 2 class, especially during, and after the pandemic. He has also proved to be a major event host. International brands has also been introduced as sponsors to the series by Mr Ferreira. The UIM will run a risk if they dont nominate Mr Ferreira. Without him and his support in Portugal the last few years had been very poor with F2 eyes”

On the other hand, Pelle Larsson, a former Race Director and chairman, has not actively campaigned for the role. However, he has expressed his interest in the position and has stated that he will share his ideas if elected. Larsson highlights the importance of continued development, ensuring a healthy financial aspect for the class, creating a well-planned calendar, organizing standout events, and providing education for the Formula Committee.

Both candidates have their strengths and visions for Formula racing. The UIM Council now faces the challenge of making a decision that will shape the future of the sport. It remains to be seen who will be chosen for the position and how they will lead Formula racing in the coming years.

Frode Sundsdal sums up :

Pelle Larsson has more skills in rules, and the daily running of the events as race director as I can see it. Paulo Ferreira has showed skills on a different level, to bring in media, international sponsors and finding new venues. Maybe thats where we need to focus now. Its a shame that Council have to choose. Powerboatracing need them both.

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