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Battle for the Baltic

Chris Davies on 7th June 2022

This year, the Baltic Open Powerboat Championship took place in Lithuania with competitors  coming from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, and Germany to compete on the Mastis Lake in Telšiai.

In total fifty drivers had entered; the youngest racer was only eight years old and of those entered the biggest classes for the junior competitors.

With ten entered in GT10, once again it shows how well this newly recognised UIM Class is gaining in popularity. On this occasion it was the three Finnish competitors who had travelled to Lithuania that took to the podium after the fourth and final heat.

Pos Number Name Country Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Total
1 49 Valter Laine  FIN 400 400 40 300 1100
2 48 Alex Anttila  FIN 300 300 400 225 1000
3 4 Veronica Laine  FIN 225 225 30 400 850
4 11 Giedrius Morkūnas  LTU 169 71 300 71 540
5 25 Arijus Miliauskas  LTU 53 169 225 127 521
6 21 Ignas Šilingas  LTU 127 127 95 169 423
7 77 Adas Šileika  LTU 95 53 169 95 359
8 87 Emilis Morkūnas  LTU 71 95 127 53 293
9 41 Meida Riabko  LTU 40 30 71 30 141
10 13 Elimantas Raziulis  LTU 30 40 53 40 133

It would be another overseas racer that would also be standing on the top step of the UIM F2 podium when Uvis Slakteris, the 2016 UIM F2 European Champion beat the local hero Edgaras Riabko into second place.

Riabko, the current F2 European Champion had qualified on pole position but in the first heat he jumped the start lights. Ironically, he was also the Officer Of the Day and had to give himself a one lap penalty for the infringement.

Third overall was Slakteris fellow countryman Nikita Lijcs.

Pos Number Name Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Total
1 51 Uvis Slakteris LAT 400 400 400 400 1200
2 41 Edgaras Riabko LTU 225 300 300 300 900
3 71 Nikita Lijcs LAT 300 225 225 225 750
4 24 Maximilian Rohm GER 169 169 169 169 507
5 7 Ieva Millere LAT 127 127 127 127 381

Amongst the other Baltic Championship winners were the Estonian racers Stefan Arand in the F4 class, Sten Ivanov in GT30, Paul Richard Laur in GT15 and Rene Suuk in the OSY400 class.

The Lithuanian Motorboat Sports Federation were pleased to be able to hold the Championship of Baltic States this year in Telšiai and contribute to the announcement of the start of the 2022 “Telšē lingoun” celebration of the capital of Samogitija.

Not many have seen such an spectacular sight, so it will be a great gift not only for the residents of Telšiai, city guests, but also the people of Lithuania, fans of powerboat racing. We thank the Telšiai District Municipality, partners and sponsors for their support and organisation.

Municipality Mayor Kąstutis Gusarov said,

I am glad that the Powerboat Championship of Baltic States will take place right here in Telšiai. I am grateful to the organisers, competitors, and all the residents of Telšiai and city guests who contributed to this beautiful festival. I hope that all the drivers and spectators from this championship leave here with the best emotions and memories of the city of Telšiai, which invites you all to return to us one day soon.

Images by Laura Lakovica/Viesturs Lacis & The Lithuanian Motorboat Sports Federation.

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