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Return to San Nazzaro

Chris Davies on 19th May 2022

Back in September last year San Nazzaro in Italy hosted the opening round of the UIM F1H2O World Championship and now this historical location on the banks of the Po River will once again welcome not only the F1H2O teams but also those taking part in the UIM OSY400 World Championship in what will no doubt be a packed weekend of racing.

Last year eighteen drivers from ten countries took part in the Grand Prix of Europe which was won by the Team Abu Dhabi racer Thani Al Qemzi who also posted the fastest lap of the Grand Prix.

Earlier today at the team’s test session he spoke to PRW about the prospect of returning to San Nazzaro


I’m happy that we will be back here in July, last year I missed the crown by just a point. It will be tough to win the world team, drivers, and pole position titles, but that’s our aim. We’re ready for the challenge.

This year’s event was the result of the collaboration between the Federazione Italiana Motonautica and the great support given to the project by its President Vincenzo Iaconianni along with that given by the Associazione Motonautica San Nazzaro ASD.

Ezio Cremona, the Associazione Motonautica San Nazzaro President told PRW


Personally, and for my family it is a source of pride because it rewards the work undertaken and the idea we have of powerboat racing. We often find ourselves discussing several topics of this sport because we love it and believe that it can give more to everyone … but a different job must be done than in previous years and we believe that in our small way … with this result … we are able to help this sport

He continued by saying


In recent months we have had many words of support from enthusiastic drivers and teams who wanted to come back. We know San Nazzaro will not be a place like the big cities of the world where these races were held but it has a big heart and passion that others do not have.

When the F250 racer Alessandro Cremona spoke to PRW this is what he told us


We are certainly incredibly pleased to have F1H2O back at the Associazione Motonautica San Nazzaro ASD. Last year organising the race for us (the whole Cremona family) was a dream come true. Having succeeded and receiving the appreciation from all the teams, the public and now the request to repeat ourselves this year gives us the energy to try again … We worked hard and apparently, we succeeded … F1 returns to San Nazzaro!

Cremona was quick to welcome the OSY400 competitors


We will immediately try to create an event that can satisfy everyone. The OSY400 World Championship will certainly be exciting and will add a different dynamic to the weekend. From a personal point of view, I’m delighted that our academy C&B Racing Team will have four competitors taking part.

Last year’s OSY400 World Championship was won by the Polish racer Cezary Strumnik at Jedovnice in the Czech Republic. Up against eleven racers from five different nations not only did he set the fastest time in qualifying, but he also then went onto to win the next three heats to take the title, with the Estonian racer Rene Suuk in second place followed by Miroslav Bazinsky from Slovakia. In doing so Strumnik became the first competitor to break the almost ‘unbeatable’ Rasmus Haugasmagi strangle hold on the OSY400 world championship title.

When Cezary spoke to PRW he said.


If there is enough time for preparations, I will go to Italy to defend my title. Currently I am terribly busy working with my F500 Hydro GP championship battle.

The F1H2O Grand Prix and the OSY400 World Championships will take place on July 16 -17.


F1H2O photos by Vittorio Ubertone.

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