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Cappellini averaged 223 km/h before retiring from the Raid

John Moore on 7th June 2021

Guido Cappellini experienced a technical issue on the River Po yesterday, spoiling his debut in the classic Italian Raid event.

He told me earlier:

Everyone knows how much time we have taken with this project with the planning and detail.

We never imagined that our weak point could be the reliability of the the new Mercury Racing 360 APX engine.

Cappellini continued:

We still don’t know the exact fault as Mercury Racing USA will check it directly.

Cappellini had completed a 78 km run down the River Po over the first part of the course from San Nazzaro to Boretto at an average speed of 223 km/h.

After running for another 50 km his DAC hull stopped at Revere with the issue.

The ten-time time F1H20 world champion said that he will be back next year for another attempt and he concluded:

I’m naturally disappointed but I still consider it a positive experience.

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