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Shaun Torrente on pole, Bartek Marszalek 2nd Victory Team – Erik Stark 3rd and Sami Selio 4th.

Frode Sundsdal on 26th February 2023

Team Abu Dhabi driver Shaun Torrente took pole position for the Kopiko Grand Prix of Indonesia which will be held later today.
The American posted a time off 57.68 and asked after the session why he left his fastest time so late he told us:


We did not know how many laps it would take, so I had to burn some fuel.

Poland’s Bartek Marszalek was 0.53 slower than Torrente, while Erik Stark was third fastest in his first qualifying session since 2019.
Sami Selio’s carded a 58.38 which topped the times for most of the session until he was finally relegated to fourth.

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