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Livestream start UP !

Tony Blom-Pettersen on 3rd February 2022

Now it’s time to start up with the livestream again. With a few details left to sort out, we are preparing for a grand opening next Wednesday at 20.00 Previously the Race Factory have produced some great interviews with the likes of Marit Strømøy, Shaun Torrente, Erik Stark, Guido Cappellini, Alex Carella, Scott Gillman, Sami Selio and Tim Seebold to mention a few.

Frode and Chris are preparing programmes to go out every week, but we will also host specials, like next Wednesday. We will announce more about it tomorrow!


Do you have a good topic, a driver we should have a chat with, or a special race? Contact us and give us a tip. We can only get better with your help.

Enjoy the chat with Guido Cappellini in the video 

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