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Cappellini – Mercury 4-stroke motor is the best he has seen

John Moore on 8th June 2020

Ten-time F1 World Champion, Guido Cappellini was Frode Sundsdal’s guest last night on his weekly chat show.

The Italian talked about his racing career, his boat building business, (DAC) and life as the Abu Dhabi team manager.

When asked by Sundsdal, Cappellini named Britain’s Jonathan Jones as the competitor he feared the most during his 16 seasons of racing at the highest level.

He even mischievously suggested that Jones would have beaten him if he had been racing a DAC!

Looking to the future, Cappellini described the new Mercury Racing Competition V8 SST 4-stroke motor as the best engineering he has seen in his time in racing.

He felt that the engine could be used in competition at the end of this year, however, he has foreseen a major problem.

To accommodate the extra weight, a slightly wider and longer boat will have to be used and that will cause an issue with fitting it into a standard shipping container.

During the enforced break from racing this year, Cappellini has been spending time updating his web site and you can read more about the Italian genius here.

The whole interview has been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it below – Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe.

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