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Alberto Comparato, the Instagram King of F1H2o

Frode Sundsdal on 23rd February 2023

We have looked into the stats and facts of social media. Yesterday we spoke about Facebook, which you can read here. Today, we will talk about Instagram, and Alberto Comparato has more followers than the UIMF1H2O teams combined.


Why is Instagram your preferred channel, Alberto?


My social media crew, who helps me, has the most faith in it. We focus on IG and are pleased with the result. It is of course a lot of work nothing comes easy but it pays off for us.


How do you mean? How does it pay off?


Well, I have secured a sponsorship due to our work on social media, so you could say it works well. You have to engage with others all the time, but we focus on a steady stream of good content, not just a onetime wonder.


So, tell me a secret: have you picked up a date with IG?


You’ll never find out is the cryptic answer. Well, I guess he did then 😉

The testing starts tomorrw, friday.

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