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Strømøy Racing in position in the Emirates

Frode Sundsdal on 7th December 2023

Marit Strømøy is ready for the final round of the Formula 1 World Championship in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. As the only driver in the championship, she will be racing with a new 4-stroke Formula 1 engine, and there is great anticipation for this weekend’s race.


“This is the second round of the championship with the new boat and engine. In the first race, we showed promising lap times, but the track was a bit too short to fully utilize the potential of the new rig. Here, it should be ideal,”

                                  Says Marit Strømøy.

This year’s World Championship season has been a transitional season, with the team spending a lot of time and resources building and testing new equipment. In the overall standings, the points gap to the top is too far to overcome. The focus this weekend is to continue improving speed and acceleration and achieve a good result. The 2024 season already starts in February, and every minute on the track provides valuable insight into Strømøy’s position in the field. Sharjah is the place where Strømøy made history as the first woman to win a World Championship round in an international top-class motorsport event in2015.


“This place is very special to us. We have good memories here, and we are confident that we have a good chance for a good result. I believe that we can continue to surprise people who had little faith in the new engine. Nothing ventured, nothing gained,”


concludes Marit Strømøy from the depot in Sharjah.

The first practice session starts at 14:00 on Friday. Qualifying and the Sprint Race take place on Saturday. The final round of the World Championship begins at 14:30 local time on Sunday. Watch it live at

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