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Who will join the UIM F1H2O World Champion on the podium?

Frode Sundsdal on 10th December 2023

We would highlight 3 names. Currently in 2nd position with 39 points is Ferdinand Zandbergen. He is starting in P3 today and holds a 4 point advantage over Victory Team driver Erik Stark, who sits in 5th spot on the grid behind MadCroc Gillman Racing driver Grant Trask, which gives Erik a good position for a high point finish. We cannot exclude Peter Morin, the China CTIC Team driver, who is only 2 points behind Erik Stark in the overall 23 championship.

So, who will it be?
It’s easy to say if you snooze, you lose. My best guess is that to secure one of the two open spots on the podium, the first thing you have to do is finish.
Jonas Andersson – World Champion, 63 Points.
Ferdinand Zandbergen – Sharjah Team, 39 points.
Erik Stark – Victory Team, 35 points.
Peter Morin – China CTIC Team, 33 points.
The BRM Pole Position Trophy was concluded yesterday with 82 points to Jonas Andersson.
Team Sweden also has a great shot at the TEAM
F1H2O World Championship trophy with their 1 & 2 starting positions tomorrow.
Team Sweden has 65 points to Sharjah Team’s 54. Ferdinand Zandbergen sits 3rd off the dock, but his vingman, Team Principal Sami Selio, is all the way down in 10th.
China CTIC Team sits in 3rd for the team championship with 46 points.
The last trophy to fight for in Sharjah is the F1H2O Fast Lap Trophy.
Zandbergen and Andersson will go down the wire to decide this one. They both have 52 points.
So, if you thought it was all done, I hope we gave you something to look forward to.
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