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New driver lineup for Gillman Racing in China ?

Frode Sundsdal on 2nd March 2023

The Indonesia UIMF1h2o event was an exciting and thrilling event for many, but the Gillman Racing team and its drivers had a challenging weekend. The Finnish star Alec Weckstrom was unable to even start the race. Since then, rumors have been flying around, Is Alec leaving the team?

Reliable sources have reported that the Australian driver, Grant Trask, may be making a comeback, but its not confirmed in witch team. Is this a coincident ? 


While no official statement has been made by any of the parties, Scott Gillman and both Grant Trask and Alec Weckstrom, we are certain that a decision will be made soon.

Of course, we would welcome Grant Trask back to the sport, but we would also be sad to see Alec Weckstrom leave F1h2o, even for a short time. If you have any information about this, please contact us via email or DM.


Alec Wecstrom started racing F1 in 2021, replacing Alex Carella. His result has been very impressive


San Nazzaro Dnf

Portugal P10

Portugal P2



France P4

San nazzaro P3

San nazzaro Dnf

Olbia P4

Sharjah P4

Sharjah P4



Indonesia Dns

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