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Hagin hoping his Molgaard can run in light winds during UIM F2 Grand Prix of Finland

Chris Davies on 12th June 2016

F2 Team Association / Chris Davies

With the breeze beginning to calm down, the advantage had certainly swung to those drivers who were using Molgaard hulls during qualifying for the UIM F2 Grand Prix of Finland.

One of them was the quietly spoken young German driver Stefan Hagin.

Over the winter he had gone back to the Molgaard factory, where Christian and his team had reworked the decks and sponsons.

We took it to the recent race in Brodenbach in Germany and it ran perfectly. I was actually getting some brilliant starts there, I even out dragged Rupp Temper, who is known for his quick reactions off the dock.

He will have the UIM F2 World Champion sat alongside him on the start pontoon for tomorrows race and is not sure what to expect,

I really don’t know how Lundin will get away when the lights go out. Yes he’s quick out of the turns but let’s see how competitive he is from a standing start.

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